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Privacy Notice

We, Superdry™ International Trading BV (Superdry™)[1] want to give you the best Superdry™ experience possible. We use the personal information you share with us to make our products and services and your experience even better. This privacy statement aims to give you a clear view of how we use personal information that you provide, our dedication to protecting it, your rights and the options you have to control your personal information and protect your privacy. It also outlines what personal information we collect about you when you visit our websites, stores or when you use our mobile apps, how we use your personal information and the third parties we will share it with.

 We use personal information for various purposes, as described in detail below.

“Personal information” is any information that relates to you and identifies you personally, either alone or in combination with other information available to us. Superdry™ will collect various types of personal information and special categories of personal information (such as health and other sensitive data) about you, including the following (as applicable):

Superdry™ account
If you sign up for an Superdry™ account, we will ask for your name e-mail address and password. Additional information that will be collected if you choose to provide this: telephone number, gender, personal preferences, social identifier if you choose to log in to your account via social media and age or date of birth.

Use of our products and services
When you use our products and services we will ask for personal information (at the moment of collection we will explain what information is required and what information you may choose to provide), such as:

    your postal address and payment details when ordering from our web shop;
    your date of birth and/or confirmation that you are above a certain age;
    your email-address when signing up for one of our contests, free prize giveaways ("Prize Giveaways") or newsletters;
    a record of our correspondence with you (including any feedback you have provided on any of our products or services), if you have been in contact with our Customer Service.

Social sign-on
If you choose to create an Superdry™ account through your social network account (such as Facebook), your sign-on credentials will be imported via your social network account. Please note that when you use this "social sign-on" option, we will use the following personal information:

    your Facebook identifier
We will often also receive certain personal information (which you have agreed to be accessible on your public profile) via the social network, such as:

    your name, age, location, preferences, occupation, and other public profile information such as your pictures or your friends list on the social network, as well as your likes.  This information will not be shared with Superdry™ by Facebook if you have a private profile.

This information is not requested by Superdry™, but is provided by the social network through the use of the social sign-on option if you have a public profile, in line with the social network's terms of use. Superdry™ will not use such information without your consent.

How we use collected information

◆ We may use the information we collect to:
* Provide, operate, improve and maintain the site.
* Customize and / or personalize your communications and shopping experience.
* Better respond to your requests for customer service.
* Communicate with you understand the needs of your purchase, account information or customer service.
* Communicate with you about our products and events, and other promotional purposes.
* Improve our business.
* Administer contests, promotions, surveys or other site features.

◆ We use cookies to:
* Remember your shopping cart items.
* Recognize you when you return to our website.
* Store your username or login email (but not your password) to make it easier to connect.
* Make sure the user has logged in.
* Allows you to use Express Checkout.
* Analyze visitor behavior.

If you do not accept cookies, you can adjust the settings to block them through your Internet browser. However, if you stop, you will not be able to use all the features of our site, including creating user configuration files associated custom features.
◆ By using our site, you agree to our privacy policy.
◆ By becoming a member of our site, you agree to share a basic amount of information with the rest of society, including your username, city location, personal photos and a number of other data bases. ? Attend all the additional features, the site and the community, and share events, you need to change your privacy settings to share more information, including all of your user-generated content, your personal profile page, all of the activities on the site.